V for Victoria

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I held the Ms. Minnesota-United States 2011–2012.

Pageants have been a very positive experience because I have a strong desire to share my passions and inspire others to set and accomplish goals that are important to them. To be an example of how hard work, diligence, planning and true dedication can pay off no matter what the endeavor or dream may be. I have been so fortunate to have held two states titles one in Nevada and one in Minnesota. I competed on a national level.

Three of the charities that I am dedicated to are; the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Courage Center. My twin sister has Cerebral Palsy so I have held this cause near and dear to my heart for many years; spreading the awareness of people with disabilities and their challenges. My goal is to increase the awareness and spread the importance of volunteerism throughout the United States no matter the "cause" a person is passionate about. If more people gave an hour a week imagine the difference it would make!

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